Microsoft Announces Azure NetApp Files 2TiB Capacity Pools

Lower entry point for Azure NetApp Files

By Anthony Mashford

Microsoft Announces Azure NetApp Files 2TiB Capacity Pools

Today Microsoft announced an update to Azure NetApp Files, 2TiB capacity pools are now generally available. However, there is a small caveat that Standard Network features is a requirement to use 2TiB capacity pools.

Microsoft has has also introduced a new feature that allows customers to create capacity pools with a minimum size of 1TiB (Public Preview). However, it’s important to note that these smaller pools also require standard network features. This means that customers can start with a minimum pool size of 1TiB and increase it with 1 TiB increments. For capacities less than 2 TiB, this Azure update saves money by allowing customers to re-evaluate volume planning to take advantage of savings of smaller capacity pools. It’s worth noting that this feature is supported in all regions with standard network features.

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